Leveling instruments / spirit levels for raised floors / special vials


EURO-TAST 2000 – The 1-man leveling and measuring instrument

  • saving time and money
  • ready to use immediately
  • red coloured marking fluid
  • bubble-free design with two valves
  • made in Germany

Advantages of the hose leveling instruments against laser instruments:

  • No deviations and measuring errors caused by air polution (dust), rain or glass surfaces.
  • Use with rooms without visual contact, with no addition errors by manual data transfer. High accuracy in reading to one millimeter.
  • Measuring also in small rooms and hollow spaces.

EURO-Tast 2000 – the proven manual leveling instrument with accessories for raised floors. Immediate reading of the accurate level.

Spirit Level for raised floors – Special Vials

I provide spirit levels with 0,3 mm and 0,7 mm precision
Also available: Special vials separately, 0,3 mm und 0,7 mm precision