Leveling instruments / spirit levels for raised floors / special vials


EURO-TAST 2000 – The 1-man leveling and measuring instrument

  • saving time and money
  • ready to use immediately
  • red coloured marking fluid
  • bubble-free design with two valves
  • made in Germany

Advantages of the hose leveling instruments against laser instruments:

  • No deviations and measuring errors caused by air polution (dust), rain or glass surfaces.
  • Use with rooms without visual contact, with no addition errors by manual data transfer. High accuracy in reading to one millimeter.
  • Measuring also in small rooms and hollow spaces.

EURO-Tast 2000 – the proven manual leveling instrument with accessories for raised floors. Immediate reading of the accurate level.

Spirit Level for raised floors – Special Vials

Finally available again !

This spirit level was newly designed and improves on the flaws of the old spirit level commonly present on the market.

The vial was fitted into the housing and is therefore well protected from damage. 

Nevertheless the vial stays interchangeable and adjustable.

 The vial won’t twist in its casing. 

The spirit level is available in two different accuracies 0,3 mm and 0,6 mm. 

This spirit level does not weight more than the old one while having a much robust casing and provide safety for the vial.

 The seating is constructed in such a way as to be fitted with vials from LINDNER or MERO.

 On request :

We gladly mill in your personalized company name

Special vials separately for ZINNGRAF spirit level 0,3 mm und  0,6 mm

Special vials separately, for LINDNER or MERO spirit level 0,3 mm and 0,7 mm