Saw blades

Band saw blades in all dimensions, for all Machines !


You can get saw blades in all dimensions you need. Send us your enquiry, we will send you an offer. Off course we have on stock all band saw blades for band saw MA 615 and band saw MA 430.

The following information should make it easier for you to select the right band saw blades for sawing calcium sulphate panels and gypsum boards with the MA 615 raised floor bandsaw !

Fast, rough cut
HSS Bi M42 saw blades with 4 teeth/inch for all wood materials. Also suitable for uncoated calcium sulphat panels and chipboards. However, the cut could become wavy.

Fast cut, but gentle on the foil side
HSS Bi M42 saw blades with 5/8 teeth/inch are used for all wood materials – combined with metal foil. It can also be used for uncoated calcium sulpaht panels and chipboards.

Fast cutting
HSS BI M42 saw blades with 6 teeth/inch can be used for all calcium sulphate panels. With steel or aluminium sheet on the underside, a burr may form.

Clean cut
HSS BI M42 saw blades with combi-teeth 6/10 teeth/inch can be used for all combination materials, e.g. carpeting/calcium sulphate with or without sheet metal on the underside.

HSS BI M42 saw blades with combi-teeth 8/12 teeth/inch can be used like saw blades 6/10 teeth/inch, but are a little gentler on the material. Can also be used for cement-filled panels- High wear in this application !

Slow but clean and fine cut
HSS BI M42 saw blades with 10 teeth/inch can be used for all panels. In all combinations exept of a wooden surface.

HSS BI M42 saw blades with 10/14 teeth/inch for sawing wood materials with approx. 1 ! mm metal (not foil) underside. Also suitable for stainless steel.

HSS BI M42 saw blades with 18 teeth/inch for sawing steel materials.

All these saw blades are also available in thickness 0,9 mm. Clean cut – Use for straight cuts, only – High tracking accuracy

Carbide-tipped saw blades are used for cutting cement filled and metal-coated panels. Also suitable for very hard wooden panels or highly compressed calcium sulphate panels. Of course all uncoated calcium sulphat panels can also be cut with this saw blade. You will achieve very long service lifes. However, as this saw blade is extremly sensitive to cracks, the band saw must be adjusted extremly accurately.

Diamond-tipped saw blades for sawing calcium sulphate panels with stone on the upper side.

Carbide-tipped jigsaw blades are also deliverable !

As a general rule, the following applies when selecting band saw blades :
The coarser the saw blade, the faster the cut. However, this can become wavy under certain circumstances. For clean, non rippled cuts on calcium sulphate panels, use a blade with at least 6 teeth/inch.

If you need to cut Chinese or Indian “Cemtitious” panels, please ask me. I can also supply you with blades for these.