Saw blades

Band saw blades in all dimensions, for all Machines !


You can get saw blades in all dimensions you need. Send us your inquiry, we will sen you an offer. Off course we have on stock all band saw blades for band saw MA 615 and band saw MA 430.

The following information should help you choose the right band saw blades for cutting calcium sulphate panels and plasterboards !

Fast and crude cut
HSS Bi M42 saw blades with 4 teeth/inch are used to cut wooden material – without metal. It can also be used for uncoated calcium sulpaht panels and chipboards. Cut could get wavy.

Fast and crude cut, protects the metal
HSS Bi M42 saw blades with 5/8 teeth/inch are used to cut wooden material – covered with metal foil. It can also be used for uncoated calcium sulpaht panels and chipboards.

Fast cut
HSS BI M42 saw blades with 6 teeth/inch can be used to cut all calcium sulphate panels (coated or uncoated), with the exception of metal covered panels. If there is metal on the underside, a burr could be formed.

Clean cut
HSS BI M42 saw blades with combi-teeth 6/10 teeth/inch are used for mixed materials, like carpet covered panels with or without metal enclosure.

Slow and very clean cut
HSS BI M42 saw blades with 10 teeth/inch can be used for all panels, in all combinations with the exeption of pure wooden materials.

HSS BI M42 saw blades with 10/14 teeth/inch are used for cutting wooden materials covered with 1 ! mm (not foil) metal. You can cut with this type of blades pure stainless steel, also.

HSS BI M42 saw blades with 18 teeth/inch are used for cutting pure steel.

Furthermore you can order combi-teeth saw blades with 8/12 teeth/inch or 10/14 teeth/inch. These blades are being used for individual operations. Specifically for panels called cemtitious !

Carbide-tipped saw blades are used for cutting cement filled and metal covered panels. They are also fit for cutting very hard wooden panels. Of course they are also able to cut all calcium sulphat panels. When handeld correctly, these saw blades have an extremely long life span, however the band saw has to be precisely adjusted, to prevent the blades from cracking.

Diamond-tipped saw blades for sawing calcium sulphate panels with stone on the upper side.

Carbide-tipped jigsaw blades are also deliverable !

When choosing saw blades pay attention to the following rules :
A crude saw blade equals a fast cut, which could under certain circumstances come out waviy.