The portable band saw MA 615



If you are looking for a portable, reliable and robust raised-access floor band saw,
there is only one choice: MA 615!

  • 600 mm DEEP THROAT and 150 mm HEIGHT OF CUTS!
  • Fits in the boot of the smallest car.
  • Cuts calcium sulphate access flooring panels, chipboard flooring panels, wood, gypsum, steel, tiles and pipe work. In fact anything you can throw at it .
  • This tool was designed with the professional in mind and is an incredibly tough hard working machine, well able to cope with the daily abuse of modern industry.

MA 615 band saw – A real mobil band saw!

Absolutely perfect! This band saw accompanies you when you go to work. You can easily set up the MA 615 wherever it is needed. Ready for use within 40 seconds and disassembled as quite as fast – this is the clear advantage of this saw. You can use it almost immediately at any place and stow it in the luggage compartment of every type of car. Even indoor sawing will not cause any problems because of the special suction unit. The MA 615 is suited to cut almost every material especially calcium sulphate access flooring panels, chipboard flooring panels, wood, gypsum boards, steel and plastics. Whatever you want to saw – the MA 615 allows you to do it. An all purpose band saw – mobile and transportable.

The MA 615 is an incredibly tough and hard working portable band saw. The frame is jig welded 1/8 section steel, for both, strength and lightness. All wheels have dual bearings to ensure of smooth trouble free operation. Machine covers are formed in automotive specification A.B.S which is both, durable and light. The unit comes with a top quality 3/4 horse power 2 pole motor, mated to a precision machined gear box for mechanical reliability second to none. Every aspect of the MA 615 has been over engineered to ensure that you will only ever need to buy one! We have sold machines that have been in service day in day out of trouble free for years, operation in the most testing of working environments that have paused only to have a worn blade changed.

Exploded view MA 615


Exploded view MA 615 – click to enlarge

A. Frame
B. Idle wheel – MA 07 – Details please: Alloy or Nylon
C. Drive wheel – MA 06 – Details please: Alloy or Nylon
D. Swinging arm – MA 12
E. Tension assembly – MA 11
F.  Idle shaft – MA 05
G. Blade guide adjuster block – MA 26
H. Top blade guide, complete – MA 100
I.   Bottom blade guide, complete – MA 100
J.  Drive shaft, with bearing – MA 04
K. Bearing for drive shaft – MA 09
L. Spacer – MA 36
M. Gearbox spacer locator
N. Gearbox spacer – MA 03
O. Gearbox – MA 02
P. Motor – MA 01
Q. Back rub block – MA 16

Dimension sheet MA 615


Spare part list for MA 615

Part No. / Part name

MA 01 Motor
MA 02 Gearbox
MA 03 Gearbox spacer
MA 04 Drive shaft, with bearing
MA 05 Idle shaft
MA 06 A Drive wheel Alloy
MA 06 N Drive wheel Nylon
MA 07 A Idle wheel Alloy
MA 07 N Idle wheel Nylon
MA 08 Wheel belt fot Alloy wheel
MA 09 Bearing for all wheels
MA 11 Tension assembly
MA 12 Swinging arm
MA 13 Blade guide rollers 2 off
MA 14 Look to MA 100 (only complete)
MA 15 Look to MA 100 (only complete)
MA 16 Back rub block
MA 17 Table
MA 18 Table catch
MA 19 Table clips
MA 20 Legs (only per set)
MA 21 Front cover
MA 22 Rear cover
MA 22 E Electric box cover
MA 23 Micro switch
MA 24 Cover hinges
MA 25 Cover clips
MA 26 Blade guard complete
MA 27 Stopswitch “red”
MA 29 Startswitch “green”
MA 31 Motor contactor
MA 32 Set capacitor
MA 33 Male plug with lead
MA 35 Adjusting spring
MA 36 Wheel spacer
MA 100 Blade guide complete (contains Parts 13/14/15) Both blade guides are equal
MA 173 Cotter pins and chain